Carter’s get crafty: DIY Painting


I have had this particular piece of art pinned on Pinterest for a while now. I pinned it originally because I thought it was something I could possibly create with some help and loved all the colors. My friend is an artist and offered her supplies to me including the canvas so I could paint the piece and also helped me figure out some of the techniques to help re-create this look!

It was so fun to paint this and it is now hanging in our bedroom. It will need to be framed eventually but I’m ok with it unframed for now.


My painting ended up pretty different in color from the original but with the same general idea. I tried to create a lot of texture and kept the colors bright because I wanted to bring more color into our bedroom than the blue hues currently present. IMG_0459

It ended up next to our dresser on a long wall that needs more art in my opinion and like I said earlier, it could use a frame.
IMG_0458I would love to paint more because I really enjoyed it. DIY art is fun!


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