Installing a hidden bed in the library

We have three bedrooms in our house that we’ve deemed the master, a guest room, and a library/office space.  Currently, having no kiddos, we’re able to devote a whole bedroom for guests. However, if we have children in the future, that guest bedroom would end up being their room and the guest bed would have to go. So…

My parents ended up offering us a murphy bed (hidden bed) that was once in their house which my dad had built and also made customized storage cabinets surrounding the bed. I am not one to turn down free things, especially since this would solve the problem of where a bed would go, if ever, our guest room was turned into a nursery. In the long run, I still wanted to have an office/library space without a bed taking up majority of the room so this hidden bed was the solution for having the best of both worlds (a bed in the library that doesn’t take up much floor space).

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Can I just say that whoever invented this system was a genius!  My Dad and Ryan worked hard on installing it last week and it totally changes the space. It was the tightest fit it could be and still work. They had to trim off a little bit on the side because of the way the roof pitches at the ceiling but they made it work! There is so much more storage in that room now since the cabinets hold a LOT of stuff.

As a recap, these are pictures of what the room looked like before with the bookshelves forming an L on the left sided walls.

DSC_0673 DSC_0676 DSC_0677DSC_0675and now this is the room with the Murphy bed installed!

DSC_0255We decided to install the bed on the far left side of the room to maximize the floor space

DSC_0258and placed the bookshelves on the right side of the room so when you walk through the doorway, you’re not running into the bed unit.



Behind those paneled doors lies the bed…(those planks are just there temporarily to provide extra support for the mattress)

DSC_0270DSC_0276I was thrilled to see that there was still some room to walk around once the bed was taken down. 
DSC_0273Like I said before, the cabinets offer lots of extra storage which is something we desperately need in this house having no real attic space or garage.
DSC_0269DSC_0268DSC_0266The travel map had to be moved to the computer nook but I like it there. It looks so much better than where it was before on that huge blank wall. DSC_0262DSC_0265Also, what’s nice about a murphy bed built like this, you can place moveable furniture right in front until you’re ready to use the bed. This is my ikea reading chair from college that has served me well over the years and will continue to do so until I have money for something else. It’s still quite comfortable.

DSC_0255This is the thing I never knew I always wanted 🙂

Anyone else want one?




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