Hawaii Part 3- The Road to Hana

Click here for Hawaii Part 1 and Part 2

A road that twists and turns, taking you 55 miles through the beautiful landscape of Maui is what they call The Road to Hana. The town of Hana is just an end point past waterfalls, lookouts, ocean, volcanic rocks, tropical wilderness, and much more.  The trip lasted an enitre day and we stopped almost everywhere there was to stop.  The road can be scary at times, with one lane bridges and cars coming both directions, along with driving around blind corners, but the frequent stops make it doable and I’m pretty sure we never drove more than 20 mph the whole time.  The point is to drive slow, take your time, and stop when you see something you like, or do what we did and stop whenever we saw a bunch of cars pulled over in a spot.  Leave early (dawn) because traffic starts to pick up as the day goes on, and take a picnic lunch or food because there are only a few bathroom stops and little food along the road, unless you can survive off of tropical fruit and banana bread (pretty sure I could).  Also, there is only one “gas station” so fill up the car before going.

Along the road, there are over 600 curves and 50+ bridges so word to the wise: if you get carsick like I do, pack some good motion sickness meds (the non-drowsy kind).

DSC_0098_2 DSC_0099_2 DSC_0107_2 DSC_0109_2 DSC_0119_2 DSC_0125_2 DSC_0143_2 DSC_0154_2 DSC_0156_2 DSC_0163_2 DSC_0185_2DSC_0172_2 DSC_0206_2 DSC_0225_2 DSC_0234_2 DSC_0241_2DSC_0272_2 DSC_0302_2 DSC_0304_2 DSC_0309_2 DSC_0295_2DSC_0312_2 Some of the best banana bread I have ever eaten. It was hot and fresh. DSC_0317_2 DSC_0390_2 DSC_0396_2 DSC_0409_2 DSC_0425_2 DSC_0546_2DSC_0464_2 DSC_0503_2 DSC_0607_2 If you were to get tired, a good turning around point is at the Halfway to Hana area. DSC_0610_2 DSC_0619This is the Black Sand Beach made up of volcanic rock. I had never seen black sand before and it was beautiful.
DSC_0646_2 DSC_0653_2 DSC_0715_2DSC_0679_2 DSC_0726_2 DSC_0770_2 DSC_0799_2 DSC_0807_2 DSC_0847_2 DSC_0929_2 DSC_0887_2DSC_0913DSC_0932_2

We had several choices of how to end the trip. We could turn around once we reached Hana and go back past all that we had just seen, or we could go all the way around, which takes longer but I suggest because we ended up seeing a lot more of the island. The topography changes so quickly on Maui.  As we drove around the east and southeast sides the land changed from lush and tropical rain forest, to foggy grasslands, as you can see from the last few pictures.

The funnest part for me was jumping out of the car and snapping quick pictures on the edges of road and cliffs.  Sometimes, I was scared that i’d get a little bit hit by cars, but alas, I was unharmed.  If you go to Maui, this is a MUST DO.

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