Carter’s get Crafty: Book Page Wreath

This past week I had the opportunity to go to my friend Sarah’s house for a craft day. Basically, we deemed this day as a good excuse to sit around crafting, chatting, and munching on some goodies. Sarah is a quilter and makes some pretty awesome quilts, but I have no talent in that area. I do, however, enjoy a nice project that involves a little book destruction as evidenced here and here.  Disclaimer: I never destroy the classics, just “unwanted” short stories.

So you understand what I mean by “unwanted” check out these illustrations that went along with the stories…I’m doing humanity a favor


 I had found a good tutorial on Pinterest and took a  shot at this project.  The tutorial was very helpful and even had a video describing just how to fold the pages. Once you get started and develop your own rhythm, you’ll see how you can tweak the folding to look however you want.

There are no rules. I changed up the way I folded the pages a lot so my wreath looks a little different.  I also didn’t want to spend any money, so instead of buying a 10 inch foam wreath as instructed, I used a 14+ inch wreath I already had lying around the craft closet (the thing was huge). I also used an old Reader’s Digest book because the pages looked browned already and not having to paint the edges of the pages to give it an antiqued look meant one less step.

Just note: If you start with a big wreath and then add a bunch of dimension to it with rolled up paper, you will end up with a GIGANTIC wreath in the end that your significant other might look at and say, “WHAT is THAT?” Then, they may look at you with annoyance and disgust as you try to find somewhere you can hang the thing without it taking over the space. That is just a made up scenario, it didn’t happen to me because I have a husband who supports and enjoys my every crafty creation…

It was hanging on the inside of our front door, but the pages were getting a little bent when we’d use the door because the wreath is so thick. Well long story short, I finally found a place to hang it where it does not get in the anybodies way, and that place is above our mantel. I was sad to move my favorite painting that has been there since we moved in, but found an equally nice space for it behind the sofa so it’s still in full view.

DSC_0643 DSC_0645

There you have it. I am writing a post on how I decorated the mantel for fall using the book wreath as my inspiration so here is a preview below. This wreath may not be everyone’s cup-a-tea but it’s mine.



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