Fall Decor 2013

I have a few areas of the house that I change up with the seasons, the main area being the mantle with bookshelves and the living room.  In my mind, when the calendar no longer reads August and switches to September, it’s Fall. Regardless of the 100+ degree temperatures we’ve been having, and the fact that pumpkins aren’t even sold yet, I feel this desire to decorate for Fall. I did the same thing last year and decorated for Fall early in September.  Also, I wanted to get done with decorating early this year because we are going on a trip in a few weeks.

After having made the book page wreath I wanted to go ahead and finish decorating for the season with the newly made craft in mind.  I styled the mantle with a book theme and it worked out well.  I also wanted to be a little more creative and find ways for the mantle to feel fall-ish without having to have a bunch of pumpkins displayed (mainly because I can’t spend any money this year, not because I don’t love pumpkins).


When decorating, I am not a fan of symmetry. I love it in other people’s homes, but I can’t ever find a look I like, so most of what I do on the mantle is asymmetrical. I used a letterpress tray and books for the bulk of the decor and then threw in the brass owl and scale. In order to balance out the visual heaviness, I put the scale opposite the letterpress tray.  Adding in a framed piece of calligraphy I recently acquired, helped to bring gold’s into the mix and added some height to that side.  DSC_0629

DSC_0642Now i’m not a huge fan of bunting, but I got this last year because I really liked it. DSC_0653DSC_0663DSC_0639 This calligraphy piece is from Lindsay Letters website and I am in LOVE with her work. If you haven’t checked out her website yet, I encourage you to do so. Such lovely pieces. It seems I want everything she makes. She had an awesome promotion a few weeks back where I got this piece and another for half the price of one.  Good deal for this budget savvy girl. DSC_0630 The total cost for mantle display was $5 for the Calligraphy piece. I had everything else already, including that cute little glittered pumpkin.  Not too shabby.  DSC_0673DSC_0719 This paper thing is a pumpkin if you can’t tell. I found that last year in downtown McKinney in the big Antique store on the square off Virginia. DSC_0716 DSC_0715 DSC_0714DSC_0674DSC_0679 DSC_0678Here’s the rest of the living room. I am breaking all decor cardinal rules by not having an area rug but guess what? My dog would ruin any rug I were to buy and that makes me nervous to spend any money on one.  Also, it would be very hard to keep it clean.  So, while I recognize that this room desperately needs some colors besides brown, the rug will have to wait.

DSC_0721Oh hey, check out those pillows I made with the help of a friend! I am so proud and love the colors in the fabric.

DSC_0722DSC_0704 DSC_0687Anyone else decorate for Fall or am I the only weird one?


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