Eiffel Tower Photo Session

This trip we recently took to Europe was our first trip ever across the pond. What an adventure it was, and now i’ve most definitely caught the foreign travel bug.  We planned to be in Paris on our actual wedding anniversary, which helped to make this particular day extra special for us.

During my research of things to do in Paris, I just so happened to come across a photographer’s website, who provided a quick photo session for people wanting their pictures taken in Paris, as well as many other useful tips for our trip.  Jackpot! I immediately fell in love with Stacy’s pictures and spent a long while browsing her previous work. The prospect of having similar photography shots, but of US, got me all excited, so I knew this was something we needed  to try to do.  Not to mention, the last time we had professional pictures taken was our wedding day back in 2010.

We chose to do a session at the Eiffel Tower because we, as Americans, still have this romanticized idea about the Eiffel Tower that many parisians sadly don’t 🙂 I am so glad we chose to do the session there because, as it turns out, the Eiffel Tower really was one of my favorite things about Paris. At night, it’s even more magical, because it lights up and sparkles every hour on the hour for 5 minutes. It’s just. so. beautiful. For these photos, we did an early morning session when the clouds were still overcast, so I think she was really able to capture the feel of a “normal” day in Paris, at least from what we experienced.

I strongly encourage you to view Stacy’s Website L’amour De Paris. You won’t regret it and once you see her pictures you WILL want to take a trip to Paris.  To speak of Stacy, she was so sweet, professional, and immediately made us comfortable in front of the camera. She found the perfect bench for our traditional anniversary picture which turned out awesome. Also, she ended up giving us the best advice on where to eat that night to celebrate our anniversary and that meal turned out to be Ryan’s favorite meal of all time (his words not mine). AND, while talking, I learned she is from Frisco, TX which is a city over from where we currently live. It’s a small world after all.

Now, pardon all the kissy kissy pictures. It was our anniversary and we were in Paris after all 🙂

PPJR-01PPJR-13bPPJR-02b PPJR-04 PPJR-08 PPJR-14b PPJR-18 PPJR-19For these shots, I was afraid to get a little bit hit by cars, but alas, Stacy knew what she was doing, and was able to take some pretty awesome pictures on the fly while we “causally strolled” across several lanes of traffic in morning rush hour and then stopped in the middle of the road.


7 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower Photo Session

  1. Hello!!!
    I stumbled upon this. We leave in 5 mos for our HONEYMOON! Did you do the 30 minute mini-session at the Eiffel Tower? I’m considering doing this (if my fiancé thinks he can handle anymore picture taking!). Beautiful pics!!!

    • Yes this was the Eiffel Tower mini session and to us, well worth the time and money! It is a short and sweet session so the guys can handle it a lot easier 🙂 I highly recommend doing this! Good luck planning your honeymoon and congratulations!

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