Travel Collections

Ryan and I enjoy traveling and always want mementos to remember the trips by. Some of the things we search for on trips that are also easy to pack are ornaments.  We traveled to Hawaii and Europe this year so had a few new ornaments to add to the tree that I thought i’d share.

From Hawaii- The first one is from Pearl Harbor in Oahu and the second we found in Maui (it’s actually a keychain). If I can’t find an actual ornament I will sometimes purchase a key chain and take the ring off to make it into an ornament 🙂

DSC_0416 DSC_0428

 Ireland- this is their national symbol and it’s made out of turf from the Irish bogsDSC_0411Rome, Italy: this little guy was hand made by an actual toy maker we came across while walking around the streets of Rome. Real life Geppetto.

DSC_0423Paris: These three ornaments are from my three favorite places in Paris.

This first one we picked up in Notre Dame.DSC_0417 Obviously this is the Eiffel Tower, again a keychain turned ornament. Cheaper, yet, just as effective 🙂DSC_0415 Anyone guess who this is? The Opera Garnier was so beautiful and definitely one of my favorite places in Paris. Their gift shop had these awesome Phantom ornaments and I just had to have one. DSC_0412London: We were there the longest and thus, we walked away with more ornaments 🙂

Van Gough was picked up at the National Gallery in London, where a few of his works reside.
DSC_0414 Classic London with the clock towerDSC_0422 DSC_0418 Ryan really wanted this one 🙂DSC_0424Hopefully with future travels we’ll have more to add to the tree!


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