DIY Cedar Window Box

I was staring out my kitchen window one day and realized, as I have before, that the view was less than lacking, staring into our carport at the cars and garbage cans. I’ve tried to think of ways that I can somehow block the view of all that from the kitchen windows and have never really come up with a solution that makes sense. But then I thought, if I could just distract the eye from all that mess, I wouldn’t have to hide it all. Thus, the idea came for me to have Ryan build a window box.

This was what the view from the sink looked like before the window box was made. I had planted three succulents in three different pots in order to help distract me from staring at the cars but the window still needed something else.


I wanted to make sure the materials were cheap and affordable so we went to Lowes and picked out a cedar fence post to cut up. Cedar is also supposed to be more mildew resistant. I wanted the box to take up the length of the window but not be too deep to prevent it from being heavy.  He built the box in a little over an hour using wood glue and nails, and then attached it with brackets to the molding around the bottom of the window. I filled it with dirt, and then planted flowers.

Super easy. Super charming.

DSC_0982DSC_0983IMG_3140DSC_0996 I decided to plant purple potato vines on either end so they would trail down and then planted moss roses in between. Moss roses usually fill in nicely and are so colorful with blooms all the time as long as they get enough sun. DSC_0998 DSC_0999DSC_0995Now that they’re filled in a little more, it looks better. Of course, on the day I took these last few pictures, it was raining so the blooms weren’t opened like they usually are. photo 2Obviously you can still see the cars, but when I’m doing the dishes it nice to have something pretty to look at as an 3


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