London- A “Take it Easy” Kind of Day.

I realize that it has taken me almost a year to blog about our Europe trip that we went on LAST FALL. I really do want to share the rest of the trip and don’t know why I haven’t been motivated enough to finish up the posts, but i’m making it my goal to finish up real soon so I can start sharing about our more recent road trip we took to various National parks.

Ok then, where were we? Oh yes, we are now on day 13 of the trip and day 4 in London. By this time Ryan and I were tired, a little cranky, our feet hurt from walking miles and miles a day, and I had caught some weird cold that I couldn’t shake.  This day started out, as many of our days have so far, with high hopes of squeezing in every last drop of day to be able to see and do everything on “the list.”  Well, it turns out, this was more of a “let’s do what we can and call it a day” kind of day.  I was also so tired of taking pictures, so I put the camera away for a while.

We hit up the British Museum first after sleeping in a bit.  It is free to enter and totally worth the time it takes to browse through all the wings. We didn’t make it to everything, the place is huge, but we felt like we got so much enjoyment out of a completely free morning. The Egyptian antiquities that they have surpass many other museums, which just so happens to be one of my favorite parts of history.

Another fun fact, they also house the Rosetta Stone.

DSC_0875 DSC_0876 These things equally fascinate me and creep me out.DSC_0884 DSC_0889 We left that museum and just spent some time exploring that district, enjoying a little souvenir shopping and window browsing (Ryan’s absolute favorite)


We ended up walking past Harrods, which I had heard so much about, so we made a stop in there. I have to say, that place was a tad overwhelming.  I honestly think I was just so exhausted that it was overstimulating to be in there due to the fact that there is so much to look at. We naturally found our way to the bakeries and candy displays, each grabbed a filled croissant, snapped a few illegal pictures with our phone, and split.IMG_2238 IMG_2234

I finally took the obligatory phone booth picture- it smelled like someone had died in there so I didn’t hang around long. DSC_0894 - Version 2We made our way over to Kensington Palace, where I wanted to have afternoon tea.

We walked around a while trying to figure out the entrance point for the palace grounds, and finally found it. I kept an eye out for Kate and William, but no luck.

Within the palace grounds is the Orangery. The Orangery is a lovely place to have afternoon tea, if that’s your thing, and no reservations are required.  This was another wonderful suggestion from Aspiring Kennedy.  Ryan and I enjoyed our relaxing time spent there, and my favorite part was the china they served us with. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought a cake plate in that pattern to add to my collection.  I am a sucker for anything with Tiffany blue in it.

DSC_0898 If you go to England and haven’t yet tried clotted cream and jam on scones, you must. I don’t even eat jam, and loved every bit of this custom. It will totally transform your scone, for the better! IMG_2408IMG_2413DSC_0900 After having our fill with tea, we walked the grounds and explored the gardens, deciding to forgo the palace tour. DSC_0905 DSC_0910 DSC_0915 DSC_0916 I took a cat nap on a bench near this pond, and after that decided to feed the ducks and swans.  DSC_0918 I was a bit cold, so I wrapped my scarf around my shoulders, then upon realizing I resembled a bag lady, I left the birds alone and just enjoyed the scenery. DSC_0938 These grounds are perfect for a relaxing afternoon to spend outdoors and would be wonderful to ride bikes through or just take a stroll.   DSC_0967We went back to our apartment after that and went to bed early, the next day being the day we traveled to Oxford.


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