Bird Happenings

It is almost Fall, so for what has become normal on this blog of mine, I am posting about something that occurred last spring. This past spring we had some really cool opportunities for good ol’ fashioned bird watching.  We had a pair of Cardinals that decided to lay their eggs right outside our bedroom window, so watching the baby birds grow was naturally what I spent time doing. Before they hatched, it was neat to watch the male Cardinal feed the mama as she was laying in the nest and then once the birds hatched, watch them both take an active role in feeding them. It. was. precious.

This was actually my first time to see baby birds that close. Cardinals have quickly become one of my favorite kinds of birds, and I just love the males striking red feathers.I am a firm believer of the adage “find joy in the simple things,” and sitting on our front porch, with camera in hand, watching these birds interact brought me much springtime joy.

IMG_2968 IMG_2974DSC_0882DSC_0891DSC_0895IMG_3032DSC_0912The day they made us empty nesters 🙂 DSC_0954


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