A Touch of Glitter in our Fall Decor

I’ve had this West Elm vase for a little while now, never finding anything I liked enough to put in it besides loose change. It was sitting on our card catalogue empty, and I actually didn’t mind, because the honeycomb pattern on the vase was interesting enough for me.

The other day I was at Michael’s and found some pretty bronzed glitter leaf stems that I thought would look really good in the vase, and they were 50% off. So yeah, I had to have them.


I bought a green foam thingy (the official name) to support the stems in the vase. First I stuffed some loose newspaper in the bottom of the vase so I could wedge the green foam in place without having to glue it. Then I stuck the stems in and added dried moss on top to hide the foam.




A nice touch for Fall.



One thought on “A Touch of Glitter in our Fall Decor

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