Decorating for Fall 2014

I am not real big on seasonal decorating, except when it comes to the Fall and Winter (Christmas) seasons. I usually find a look I like for the house from February to August, and sometimes shuffle a few things around.  Then in September, Fall decor gets whipped out, regardless of the lingering summer heat or lack of that “Fall-ish feeling” outside.  Every Fall, I kind of play around with the decoration items I have on hand, in order to make the house look a little different than it did the last year.  With our house being small (or should I use the word cozy), the only areas I usually decorate are the mantle and  the bookshelves that flank either side of it and the dining area/kitchen.  This year, I kept it really simple and neutral, mainly got a few pumpkins, and rearranged some items.

Here are a few looks at other years…the house and the decor (mainly my taste) has really evolved over the years, too bad my photography skills haven’t improved.  🙂



Now for this years look. I dragged the travel map out of our library, and decided I wanted to see a little more of it by placing it on the mantle front and center.






I found these dried pods at a store in downtown McKinney, and thought they’d look cute in this little West Elm vase I got a few years back. I had stuck a peacock feather in this vase in the past, but never found anything else. These worked out great.


I went to Market Street (one of our local grocery stores) and bought these mini white pumpkins.  I think they were about $1 a piece. They’ve lasted more than 2 months now, with no spoiling.


The leaves I found for this vase are from Michael’s and I wrote about them here.


In the kitchen, I usually just use fresh produce for decoration, like this squash and these sweet potatoes, and always have a season themed Anthropologie tea towel on display on the stove.


I had found these cute cinderella pumpkins and decided just one pumpkin was all I needed for the kitchen table.



I recently found this pillow at Target, which of course, I felt I had to have.  It’s on sale right now if you want one!



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