DIY Jewelry Hanger

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet, but my photographer (ee photography) recently came over for a newborn shoot and shot a really nice picture of this Jewelry hanger so I felt like I should finally post about it.

A few year ago, Ryan gave this jewelry hanger to me for Christmas. He made this based off a picture he found while searching my Pinterest page. Sweet huh? When he gave it to me, he said it was a coat rack, but I felt it would be perfect for displaying my long and chunky necklaces so that is what it was used for.



I love the way it displays all my necklace options, because before they were all sitting  in a pile on my dresser, which isn’t exactly visually appealing. I also hardly wore any of them because I couldn’t clearly see what all there was to choose from. Now, I try to make an effort of wearing what I have, even though my day to day style is generally very simple. To me, it’s like a fun sculptural piece of decor for the wall that’s also super functional. So good job Ryan!

If you’d like to re-create this, it isn’t very complicated. The most important part is to find really sturdy main branches with good pieces branching off from those so you actually have spots to hang whatever it is you want to hang.

He built the box frame out of fencing and chose a grey stain. You could paint, stain ,or decide to keep the wood raw and natural. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. He just screwed the wood together to create the frame. Then he chopped the branches to size so they would fit within the frame, threw in a screw in the top and bottom of each branch going through the outside of the wood, and voila. He drilled smaller holes that didn’t go all the way through to rest gorilla hooks on, since this is a pretty heavy weight for the wall. 3 years going strong without falling off so I think it worked well.

I love to find ways to bring elements of nature indoors, and this fits the bill nicely for our bedroom.



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