Kitchen organization with baskets

Today, i’m writing about baskets that i’ve found useful for storage in the kitchen. No i’m not talking about your grandma’s wicker baskets. Places like world market and Target have come out with some really interesting looking baskets that aren’t wicker, or sea grass, or any other type of straw. Don’t get me wrong, those baskets definitely have their place in homes, but I prefer the kitchen to have less texture because hard or metal surfaces are easier to clean.

Our kitchen has been updated for a few years now, but I was getting tired of the counter clutter. I wanted something that could store our fruit and veg (the un-refridgerated stuff) but not take up additional counter space. I’m the kind of person that if I can’t see the produce, I don’t think to eat is as often. Out of sight out of mind.  So, having something out where I can easily access the fruit and vegetables is key.




I got this metal three tiered hanging basket from world market.  You can check it out here. The only place in our kitchen to hang it was beside the sink, but I kind of like this spot because if i’m working on chopping near the sink, I just reach right up and grab what I need. I really need to go grocery shopping, so all I have right now in there are potatoes and garlic cloves.  I usually try to get an assortment of fruit to have on hand.  I love the copper baskets and the rope detail. I also really liked how it didn’t look too “farm house” like, unlike some of the other hanging baskets I had come across.  I am all about storage solutions that are pretty to look at as well as functional. Plus, I used my birthday coupon to get it (sign up to be a world market explorers member and you get $10 on your birthday!). It was the perfect addition to our space.

Next up is this cute pewter and copper  metal basket from the Target threshold line. Copper accented things are really in style right now, and I find myself drawn to it all. I wanted some storage for my “most used” cookbooks because they were previously taking up unnecessary space in my cabinets and before that they were on the kitchen countertop. Since having my baby, I’ve needed to clear up the cabinet space for some other things. Again, if my cookbooks aren’t out, I generally forget they exist. Even though I generally think books in the kitchen just collect dust, this is a good solution for us. On top of the fridge just seemed like the only space I could put them, where they wouldn’t be taking up needed counter space and the basket works to hold them all in place. Without the basket they most definitely would fall over every time we accessed the fridge.  It works.



Do any of you have kitchen storage solutions you like or that are maybe a little unexpected?


One thought on “Kitchen organization with baskets

  1. love the baskets! what is your experience with the ikea farm sink? I am thinking about getting one when we redo our kitchen

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