House update: A new chair and side table

A good looking and comfortable chair is an asset that I don’t think any living room should be without. Chairs can help to soften the space and break up the bulky furniture look that can sometimes come with oversized or matching sofas and love seats.

I have been wanting to get a new chair for our living room ever since we moved in. We have a couch and a chair, which is pretty much all that there is room for and ideally I’d love a pair of chairs but, I have to work with the space we have. So one chair and couch seems to work best.

Back in the day, I was living in my parents house and trying to create a living area in one of their bedrooms.  I had a couch, TV, and bookshelf but no other furnishings and felt the space was lacking. At that time I was convinced if I got a chair, all my design whoas would be solved and I’d like the space, so I sent myself on a mission to find a chair with a very limited budget considering how much chairs generally cost. I wanted a chair good for lounging and reading that was also comfortable, not something that just looked good.  I ended up getting this chair from Weir’s furniture that was in the sale room. I liked it for what it was, an affordable chair that fit my space and fulfilled the need at the time. It was somewhat comfortable but not the best.

Fast forward to us moving into this house, and when this chair went on our darker hardwoods, I felt it wasn’t the right color. It also was a little too large in scale. In addition, with that dark vining wood side table I had, along with the dark lamp that sat atop it, and the dark front door you can see to the right in the picture below, the combination made that side of the room look heavy and, well you guessed it, DARK. DSC_0687

My goal for this house was light and bright, so this was all working against the look I was going for. Seeing as we had just finished completely renovating our house and needed many other things besides another chair, I made do with the chair for years.

The first, and cheapest thing I changed was the lamp. I bought a clear glass lamp from Home Goods that really helped to make the space feel less heavy. I apologize for the grainy photo but here is the lamp below. Then I bought this mirror from Target to help reflect some light. IMG_2820

Last year, when World Market had sale on furniture, I thought that changing up the side table would help fix the problem of everything being so dark and then maybe I wouldn’t mind the chair so much. I ended up picking a wonderful round metal side table that was only $40 with coupons and the sale. Yay!

The space now felt a little more open and it was definitely an improvement.IMG_6427

I had all but given up on the idea of getting a new chair, but I thought if I could sell my current chair and use that money towards a new one, my husband would be on board. The one I had my eye on was this chair from Ikea.  It is a modern wingback, affordable, and surprisingly super comfortable. You can also purchase a foot stool to go with it and it comes in a variety of colors including dark grey, which is what I needed seeing as I have a black haired dog.

STRANDMON Wing chair IKEA You can really loosen up and relax in comfort because the high back on this chair provides extra support for your neck.

I was randomly searching the Facebook online garage sale group for my local area that I’ve been successful in selling furniture through, and currently had the brown chair listed on, when I came across a listing for this exact chair with foot stool included that looked to be in great condition. I bought it! The next day I ended up selling the brown chair and with that money, this new chair cost me $45. The timing of everything was perfect. I love our new chair, and Ryan likes it as well.  The scale of this chair much better compliments our space and I love the modern look it gives mixed with our traditional style furniture we currently have. DSC_0533

DSC_0531I am happy to say that I now love the space. So exciting that it all came together perfectly over time. After years of waiting, my patience paid off in the end.


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