Nora Month by Month-1


This was the first month of your birth and it was absolutely wonderful. I rarely had a moment to myself, which is why I am posting your 1 month progress when you are now 3 months old. I figured better late than never. You loved to cuddle and eat. That is pretty much all you and I did. Well that and sleep. I think I squeezed in a few showers, and a few hours of sleep, but this month was all about growing you the best we could since you came out so tiny!

You were born at 5 pounds 3 ounces and then lost a few ounces putting you at 4 pounds 11 0unces by your first week.  It was a bit scary bringing you home, but we quickly figured out how to take care of you when you let us know your likes and dislikes. You liked to be held upright on peoples chest and did not like being held cradled low.

You learned how to feed naturally without any extra help or devices by the end of your first month and mommy was so proud! You ate every 2 hours if not more, which is what helped you grow so well! You slept non-stop and did NOT like any bright light, so you rarely opened your eyes for more than a moment. You had lots of visitors because everyone wanted to meet you!  You smiled A LOT, but that’s just because you had a ton of gas, which we thought was pretty hilarious.

Your likes: Being held by mommy and daddy, being swaddled, eating and sleeping

Your dislikes: bright light, cold hands or just anything cold in general, not being fed IMMEDIATELY upon request.

I’ll never forget: The moment right after you were delivered when your Dad placed you on my chest in the delivery room.



Your Dad and I loved every minute with you and were so happy you were finally here after 37 long weeks of waiting!


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