Nora Month by Month-2


Sorry, I’m just going to knock these posts off my to-do list all at once until I get caught up.

This was a month for the books and your parents had to learn to quickly adapt to your changing needs. You doubled your birth weight and developed reflux. It was hard on all of us for a while, but with the help of medicine and answered prayers, we got it more under control and you were a lot happier.  You also got your 2 month shots, and that was a very difficult 3 days, but you bounced back and showed your resiliency once again.

You finally started keeping those sleepy eyes open and were so close to smiling purposefully, but you weren’t quite there.  You still loved to eat, sleep, and cuddle, and did well when we took you on walks through the neighborhood. Any time you were placed in your car seat, you fell fast asleep and didn’t mind it one bit. However, all of a sudden you would wake up to the slightest sound, so the only time you slept soundly was when we ran errands or went somewhere and you were in your car seat.

This month, you got to meet your Daddy’s side of the family who came all the way from Canada and Arkansas to see you.  They sure enjoyed getting to know you. You grew and grew right in front of our eyes and it was amazing to see.

your likes: same as when you were 1 month old: being held, swaddled, cuddled, and fed. You also started to enjoy bath time as long as the water was just the right temperature (little miss goldilocks)

your dislikes: cold hands! You would shriek if anyone touched you with cold hands, and seeing as it was winter made this kind of tricky. Being laid flat, you could no longer tolerate this with reflux.

I’ll never forget: When you started to have GIANT poops once a week instead of daily. They were messy and your Dad and I had a “fun” time figuring out just how best to tackle the mess. And those rolls, you grew some major fat rolls this month that you and I worked really hard for.





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