Nora Month by Month-3


This third month has been my favorite so far I think. I am starting to see your little personality emerge and I LOVE IT! You have learned to smile with purpose and it melts our hearts every.single.time. We can’t wait for that laugh! After your two month shots, you realized the full potential of your voice, and have not stopped vocalizing (loudly) when you disapprove of something. You are starting to talk to us, less often than the smiles, but you are getting better at it. Your favorite time of day is when we place you in the bouncer that sits on top of our kitchen table and you can look around at what we are doing and stare out the window.  You have also recently found your fists and LOVE to suck on them.

This was the first month you were able to sit facing forward in your stroller for walks and you really enjoy it. Recently, you are becoming more and more aware of us and your surroundings. You are gaining more control of your head and sit pretty well with us helping you. You also have started to be more interested when we read to you and are finally looking at the pictures.  That is so exciting for us.

Likes: your bouncer, sucking on your hands, mom and dad smiling at you

dislikes: When mom stops you in the middle of feeding to burp you. It’s a full on protest every time.

I’ll never forget: the first time you smiled at me for real. It was just you and me and I saw the biggest smile i’ve ever seen you give. It. was. wonderful. and I may have shed a tear.

Your Dad and I know there are God has big plans for your life, and we are forever changed since you entered ours.


Here’s a fun look back at all 3 months so far…


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