Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up (this will be a first for me) and I have been thinking about a gift that I would like or gifts that may be a little more outside the box than the usual stuff we all think of for Mom. I thought I’d share some things I found.

  1. Kimono Style Robe– This is a beautiful option for a common Mother’s day gift. I feel like these robes are so beautiful, that if a mother finds herself wearing this still at the end of a possibly crazy, busy, hectic day, she can chock it up to a nice fashion statement and still feel like she hasn’t completely let herself go. (This is essentially why I want this)a045059a8d10ecb902bc38458d1f2570.jpg2. Glitter Teaspoon set– For that Mom who loves a good cuppa, or a nice mug of coffee, these will add some pizzaz to her normal routine of crazily making her drink and trying to down it before it gets completely cold again. How many out there that have to heat their cup at least 3 times before they get to drink it? Throw in a nice beautiful mug too and this makes a sweet little gift. 7b858627a62eb128b1a07de5faa09d77.jpg3.  Timepiece from The Horse– A classic time teller is something that every Mom should have/needs. Time usually dictates everyones day, and for a Mom, it definitely plays a very significant role. Why not give her something beautiful to look at when she realizes she’s late once again for whatever she needs to do or wherever she needs to be? Just me? ok then. I feel like these watches are simple enough you can dress them up or down and make them work with any outfit of the day. 39550712aa8d50467f85796d950183bb.jpg4. A Beautiful Book– Since having a baby, I haven’t really found the time to free read or do much outside of taking care of the babe. But if gifted with these beautiful books illustrated by Ana Rifle Bond, a mom can kill two birds with one stone by reading a favorite classic of hers to her child. Plus, these bring such beauty and whimsy to any table top or bookshelf!


    5. Gemstone or Mineral Magnet Sets- Help your Mom (or wife) fancy up the fridge and give her something pretty to use to display the kiddos artwork, invitations, or any other fridge paraphernalia. gemstone_magnet_set_new_7152f318-c634-49fc-8975-55869dddc1a6_1024x1024.jpgmineral_magnet_set_new_f747bd1e-210d-4037-ac45-50ec67828e37_large.jpg

    6. Capri Blue Candle– A candle usually makes a wonderful gift for any woman, these candles smell divine and once burned up, the jar makes such a pretty place to store jewelry, trinkets, bathroom essentials, or any small thing that needs hidden. Gift this and some bubble bath and she can enjoy a nice relaxing bath. 093512_007_b.jpeg7. Kendra Scott Jewelry Gift set– Any Mom can appreciate some jewelry and Kendra Scott came out with these nice gift sets. Just the right amount of statement for every day wear. giftset-elisa-dani-rosegold-peach.jpg8. Silicone and Wood Teething Necklace-For Moms with littles that may try to break any real jewelry, these silicone and wood teething necklaces are sweet and made for babies to chew on. They’re BPA free so no worries. The colors are neutral enough that they could go with almost any casual outfit.  il_570xN.917959377_o4ds.jpgThere you have it. I hope this helps you to find something special to gift that wonderful mom or baby mama in your life.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Jess a very unconventional but cool idea for the first Mother’s Day is a new tree in the yard. You always know how old it is because it correlates with your babies age. And you see the growth over time like your baby! I loved this idea but didn’t get to do it. :o)

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