Europe Trip 2015-Lugano, Switzerland

Currently, having no big vacations planned or in the works for the near future ( I still can dream), I remembered I have yet to post anything from the wonderful trip we took last year around this time. I find it really enjoyable to look back at pictures from past travels, reliving all the wonderful memories, and am so thankful I ever had the opportunity to take those trips in the first place. Really, these posts are for me, but I hope if you’re planning any trips to this area of the world, something I share will help you along your way. We knew this particular trip would probably be our last overseas trip for a while, so we didn’t hold back when it came to the planning. IMG_5055

We left in May right after Ryan graduated from nursing school and spent a few weeks traveling through Switzerland and Germany and also making a stop in Prague and Amsterdam.  We met Ryan’s parents in Switzerland and we all traveled together for the majority of the time. This was their first experience traveling to Europe and our second, so they gave us the reigns as far as planning decisions were concerned.  We all still talk about the amazing things we did and saw, and I have a feeling we will continue to do so for years to come. This area of the world is unlike any other, and refreshes the soul. Ryan and I seriously contemplated what it would take to move to Switzerland.

So here I’m sharing Day 1 of our trip beginning in the beautiful lakeside city of Lugano, Switzerland. It is a city on the border between Italy and Switzerland, and has such Italian influences, that the primary language spoken here is Italian.  DSC_0003We chose this city as a starting point, because it was close to the Milan Malpensa airport and from here, there would be amazing views by train traveling onward into Switzerland. Remember the post I did a while back about my suggestions when traveling to Europe? I mentioned how you want to try to get there the cheapest way possible, and it just so happens, that Milan is a very affordable airport to fly into and quite easy to make your way to Switzerland from here.

Lugano is a nice walking town, meaning, you don’t need transportation to make your way places. We arrived midday in Milan and worked our way to our hotel, dropped our stuff off, and proceeded to explore the city by foot. It was a foggy, slightly rainy day, as you can see, but the fog lifted later, providing for some beautiful views of the hillsides overlooking the lake. DSC_0005DSC_0009DSC_0027DSC_0033DSC_0035DSC_0039

We met up with Ryan’s parents in this town later that day, ate dinner at a little pizzeria, and finished out the evening walking and enjoying the quiet and less busy streets.


The next day, we had a early morning train scheduled to take us to the city of Luzern (Lucerne), so stay tuned for that post. DSC_0065

If you are interested in the details of where we stayed in Lugano and how we got to Lugano from Milan keep reading.

*We flew into the Milan Malpensa  airport and used the Malpensa Express bus which was approximately $20/person. It runs at frequent intervals making only a few stops along the way, and it took us right into Lugano.

*We booked our stay with Ibis Budget Lugano Paradiso, through, choosing this for the affordability and the proximity to the city centre and the train station we were going to need the next day. It was a non-smoking hotel, the rooms were small, but clean and comfortable, and all we really needed was a bed and shower seeing as we only stayed in Lugano for half a day. We were happy with our booking.  I usually try to remember to take a picture of the rooms before we use them, so oops. But you get the picture. I thought the concept of these hotels was kinda cool and we weren’t paying a lot of money for a room we literally spent a few hours in. DSC_0066DSC_0067


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