Europe Trip 2015- Luzern, Switzerland

We left Lugano for Luzern, a city located in central Switzerland that sits amid snowcapped mountains and a beautiful lake. I said earlier how we had read it was a beautiful train ride from Lugano to Luzern and that view did not disappoint. We were pretty mesmerized by views of the Swiss countryside, having never been there before, and it contained such beauty  and calmness. DSC_0070This is a terrible and blurry picture but it still shows an example of what the little towns nestled within the mountain side looked like.IMG_5082

The train we rode was also impeccably clean.  I thought maybe it was just that one, but no, the Swiss take pride in their train system (As well as everything else) and keep their trains clean and in excellent working condition and apparently a well known fact is, you could set your watch to Swiss train time tables they are so punctual.

We arrived and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Ameron Hotel Flora Luzern and loved it there. Delicious continental breakfast served daily that came with the room and we chose mountain view which turned out to be an excellent decision. We chose this hotel for the proximity to Chapel Bridge and the central area where we wanted to explore, but also knowing it wasn’t right at the center of the touristy part.  This was the view that first night from our balcony. IMG_5158DSC_0165

Leaving the hotel we were steps away from the Chapel Bridge, so we enjoyed taking lots and lots of pictures and walked the bridge (happens to be the oldest wooden bridge in Europe).DSC_0084DSC_0087IMG_5087DSC_0132DSC_0111DSC_0110

That first day was all about exploring the city on foot. We didn’t set any big agenda since it had been a travel day and just enjoyed walking the city. There was a farmer’s market and flea market that we walked through when we first got there.

DSC_0107DSC_0105DSC_0102DSC_0097DSC_0142DSC_0114We popped into shops whenever we saw something we liked.  I always like enjoying the local eats, mainly baked goods, so we usually snack while walking around cities. There was this bun I kept seeing in the bakery windows that looked like it contained raisins and was topped with sea salt (not my thing), so I wasn’t really interested in trying it but was still intrigued because they were everywhere. DSC_0157.JPGMy father in law ended up asking the store clerk what it was and got 1 for each of us. What had looked like raisins were actually bits of milk chocolate, and the “sea salt” was actually sugar. So as it turns out, it was DELICIOUS, and I highly recommend trying these (Aktion) if ever in Switzerland. I saw more of these in Germany, but they weren’t nearly as good. DSC_0156.JPG

We visited the Jesuit church and were pleasantly surprised to hear the organ start up right when we walked in. We sat there in the pews a while taking a rest and listening to the music. Most of the church was covered in scaffolding on the outside so I didn’t take a picture of it.


We also visited the Lion Monument (Lowendenkmal) that was carved in the 1700s, it is a peaceful area and can be easily missed if you aren’t aware of it. For that reason, we enjoy using a written travel guide, not only for doing research ahead of time, but also for using while we walk around cities. IMG_5090

“To the Bravery and Fidelity of the Swiss”DSC_0152IMG_5156IMG_5132IMG_5107DSC_0190.JPG

Spending the rest of the day exploring the city made us pretty tired, so we rested up at the hotel for a bit before heading back out and finding a place to eat dinner near the water. To end the day, Ryan had a good idea of grabbing some wine and Swiss chocolate and enjoying the sun set from our balcony. The fog made for a beautiful reflection of the sun against the mountains. It was a wonderful day.DSC_0230


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