Nora’s Nursery

This little project was a wonderful labor of love, and I had so much fun coming up with design ideas that I hoped would one day appeal to our little one. When we found out I was pregnant, I had an immediate feeling it was a girl ( I have no idea why) and my brain began thinking of ideas that would be perfect for a little girls room, although, I always knew I didn’t want to make it too feminine for the off chance a brother might come into the mix and have to share the room. Well, once we found out we were for sure having a girl, I began creating a mood board of what I wanted for the room using Pinterest. These were some general ideas of things I wanted for the room.  I loved the soft blues and I preferred peach/coral colors to pink, but didn’t want to have a specific color scheme. I wanted the general feel of the room to be whimsical and calming by using touches of nature with a lot of gender neutral basics.

The walls of the nursery are a light gray, which were painted neutral when we first renovated the house, knowing this room would hopefully be a nursery one day.

I had some previous artwork that had been sitting in a closet that I knew I wanted to live in here, but also had my eye on two new pieces. One of those pieces of art being a gorgeous Emily Jeffords painting, and the other being the Lindsey Letters print.

I already had: A crib, some Ikea Picture ledges, a few pieces of artwork, some shelf knick-knacks, and a small storage ottoman.

The main furnishings I wanted for the room: a crib, dresser, bench/storage shelf, picture ledges for books, and a chair.

The extras (but not necessary):

  1. A gender neutral mobile- I wanted to be able to use it with any child we might have.
  2. wooden animal figures-I had my eye on these handmade wooden creatures made in Germany for a while before I ever got pregnant. I figured she could play with them eventually but they’d also bring pops of color to the shelves and add that touch of nature and whimsy that I wanted. I loved the fact that they were sculptural for her shelf and a good quality non-plastic toy. They are also something we can continue to add to over the years as she celebrates birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  3. books, pillows, a knit doll, and fake succulents and air plants (to bring in some green)
  4. Honeycomb shelves- I really wanted honeycomb shelving to go over the dresser, so Ryan was able to fashion some and I had him stain them a bluish gray.  These house all the little knick-knacks that I had collected for her. I didn’t want to bring very many things into the room that couldn’t be useful, at least some day, so I kept that kind of decor out of the nursery. Nearly everything I placed on the shelves, with the exception of some art and a small mirror, she can eventually use or play with.

Already having a crib, one that my dad had built for my nephew, was a huge save for my budget. It had a dark stain finish so I wanted a basic white dresser from Ikea to help keep the room from feeling too dark.  I wanted to change up the knobs, so I found these jadeite knobs online, which were super cheap.

hemnes-drawer-dresser__0152649_PE311002_S4ac01358f26489bcd3f3b323114d86af5I also wanted to create a little window seat area, like the one pictured below, that could be multi-purpose for storage. This picture below caught my eye on Pinterest because our window looks almost exactly like that with shutters and all.  I liked the idea of having a little bench that she could place things on to either play with or look at, but needed it to be functional for storage of toys and books also.   872be3c8f577b6351d7c7795decc44ec

The item I most wanted for this room was a beautiful blue tufted rocking chair. We were blessed with this as a gift from Ryan’s parents and once the chair came into the room, I felt like everything else fell into place. I thought about getting a neutral colored cream or gray chair but am so happy with the decision to go with this blue one, because it is one of my favorite things about the room (and also happens to be my favorite color). e2c76f3c2c4ce2ca15b37cfe56b58cb8

Here are pictures of the room that our lovely photographer took when we did Nora’s newborn session. This is my new favorite room in the house, and I find myself wanting to hang out in there all the time, in fact, i’m currently typing this up while sitting in the rocker as Nora sleeps.

eephotome.nora.newborns-160eephotome.nora.newborns-166eephotome.nora.newborns-164eephotome.nora.newborns-163eephotome.nora.newborns-184.jpgeephotome.nora.newborns-185.jpgeephotome.nora.newborns-199.jpgThe horse painting I got years ago at a craft fair, and the hummingbird print I found at a little shop in downtown McKinney years ago. The Yellowstone postcard (of a vintage poster) in the wooden frame on the right is something I had picked up on our trip to Yellowstone because I loved the colors, and it just so happened, the colors went wonderfully in her nursery. The mountain print below is of a favorite place of ours, Lake Louise, that we picked up on a previous trip there, and the little watercolor print of sheep grazing is from our trip to Ireland. All these pieces of art were just hanging out waiting for a purpose, and I realized they all had the same general color scheme of pastels, so they landed themselves in her room. There are several other knick-knacks from our travels that I placed on the shelving like that little ceramic house from Germany. There ended up being a slight nod to the travel/adventure theme completely by accident, but I loved the happy coincidence. eephotome.nora.newborns-200.jpgeephotome.nora.newborns-159eephotome.nora.newborns-169eephotome.nora.newborns-168eephotome.nora.newborns-167eephotome.nora.newborns-195eephotome.nora.newborns-186eephotome.nora.newborns-165eephotome.nora.newborns-161eephotome.nora.newborns-162eephotome.nora.newborns-399eephotome.nora.newborns-415eephotome.nora.newborns-409The mobile I bought after she was born, so these are the pictures I took once it was hung above her crib. DSC_0077DSC_0079

So many people in our lives contributed to make this room what it is. My best friend Amy E. made crib sheets (not pictured) and those pillow covers. My in-laws gave us the chair, my Dad built the crib, my friend Sarah made that beautiful quilt draped over the chair, and my friends and family gave books to help fill those shelves.

List of sources with links below

Cloud Pillow: Land of Nod

Knit Doll: Blabla kids

Mobile: Etsy

Print: Emily Jeffords

Lettered print: Lindsey Letters

Wooden figures: The Wooden Wagon

Jadeite colored glass knobs: D.Lawless Hardware

Dresser: Ikea

White storage bench: Ikea

Picture ledges with books: Ikea

Crib: made by my Dad

Chair: Target

*The images in this blog post are not taken by me unless specifically stated.


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