Europe Trip 2015- Weggis, Switzerland

The day after we arrived in Luzern, we planned to take a ferry ride across the lake to the town of Vitznau near Weggis, take a cogwheel train up to Mount Rigi, hike down from there to a Gondola that would take us the remaining way to Weggis, and then walk around the city of Weggis with whatever time we had left before taking the ferry back to Luzern.

We had researched ahead of time to find out the times the ferry was running from Luzern and tried to leave as early as possible to give us a whole day of exploring the area across the lake.  The Swiss pass we had purchased before the trip, made it really easy for us because it helped with access to not only the trains to all the cities we visited in Switzerland, but also the ferry and the cogwheel train we took up the mountain once we got across the lake.

It was a beautiful scene the entire way with sparkling crystal clear waters, and houses dotting the lakeshore. The air was chilly but the sun was shining bright, making for amazing crisp weather.  The snowcapped mountains were a perfect backdrop for an already amazing view. DSC_0286This was the view from the ferry looking back at the city of Luzern. DSC_0290DSC_0288DSC_0293DSC_0296DSC_0300DSC_0304DSC_0306DSC_0312DSC_0318DSC_0334DSC_0335DSC_0339

As  I wrote earlier, from Vitznau we took an old fashioned cogwheel train up to mount Rigi. The train moved at a snails pace up the mountain, giving us all plenty of time to take in the views on the way up. From the train, you could see the lake where we had just come from and the mountains behind that. (again, all we needed was the Swiss pass, which I highly recommend getting if you are traveling throughout Switzerland)DSC_0344DSC_0347IMG_5183Once we arrived at the top, we spent our time hiking around and taking in the view. DSC_0356DSC_0358DSC_0360DSC_0353DSC_0354DSC_0363DSC_0366DSC_0371DSC_0372DSC_0378DSC_0381DSC_0386DSC_0388By the early afternoon we were pretty hungry, so we ate at the little cafeteria up there. Of course, we had to order sausage, which was surprisingly very good.  There was a nice sitting area with tables to dine at. DSC_0396DSC_0397After our bellies were full, we decided instead of taking the train back down (which was an option) we would rather take our time hiking along the trail down to the Gondola that was going to take us the rest of the way back into town. DSC_0422DSC_0429DSC_0441DSC_0451DSC_0464The Gondola took us down to Weggis which was the city neighboring Vitznau. It was a nice change from Luzern, because there weren’t near as many people and there was hardly any traffic.  DSC_0472At this point, I was so tired all I wanted was a nap. I pride myself in my ability to take a nap anywhere, anytime and this was the area I spotted. I was truly tired so this was no problem as I was able to use my bag as a headrest. We had time to explore the city before taking the last ferry ride back to Luzern, but mainly stayed along the water and rested our tired feet.  The next day we were headed to Interlaken for some paragliding fun…DSC_0475DSC_0486DSC_0491


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