Our Maternity Photos

Last Fall/Winter, I was kind of in a stupor because I was placed on bed rest right before Halloween and had to spend my favorite time of the year, Fall, sitting on either the couch or bed (literally only those two options) until I delivered our baby in late January.  Texas just so happened to have one of the better Fall seasons that I can remember with a slow change from cool to cold , giving the leaves time to make their colorful transition before Winter hit, and man was it beautiful! I would drive through our neighborhood on the days I had to go to the doctor because those were the days I was “allowed” out of the house, about once a week (yay). I honestly don’t remember a time when the leaves were that vibrant and I felt like I was back in the good old midwest, except when it was December and the leaves were still golden and red, with no snow on the ground.

Well, we were able to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery when we scheduled a maternity shoot with the ever talented Erin from EEphotography at a park in Fort Worth (yes, I broke the ‘rules’ to do this shoot but it was worth it).  I cannot recommend this lady enough. She has captured THE most special seasons in our lives from our engagement and wedding to our new addition to the family and has given us images we will forever cherish. She’s amazing and so so sweet and fun to work with.

The session was in early December and we couldn’t have scheduled it more perfectly because the next few days following, all the leaves had fallen off the trees, and the wintery look had set in.  I remember standing underneath the trees during the session with the leaves falling so fast with every breeze it was almost as if it was raining leaves!

I had a really hard time coming up with things to wear, because I was huge and swollen and felt like nothing looked decent on me. But then, I found this dress that was super flowy in all the right places, so I bought it.  No need to worry about fitting my feet in shoes with this dress, it went way past my ankles which is a good thing because my friend lent me her TOMS wedges and I had to literally squeeze into them. Pregnancy ammiright? geez. eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-52eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-54eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-62eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-67eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-69eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-70eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-75eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-81eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-92eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-102eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-111eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-117eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-124eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-134eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-144eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-147eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-151eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-161eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-166eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-170eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-176eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-185eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-190 Since we never took our traditional anniversary bench picture, we posed on a bench real quick at the end of the session. The baby bump kind of went away but we won’t forget she was there.  eephotome.jess.ryan.maternity-218




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