Life Lately: Fall season recap

Can you believe that the Christmas season is already upon us? It’s exciting and i’m desperately trying to slow down in this season of life and enjoy every day because time has been flying by. I figured i’d recap a few things that our family enjoyed this fall before it’s actually Christmas.

We made another trip back to Waco to visit Magnolia Market because I was dying to taste their new bakery treats and my mom came along because we were in search of some decor for her house. We took advantage of the nice weather and Nora’s good mood and snapped some sweet pictures. Side note: the bakery is worth the trip and their cupcakes are divine.



Once the weather started to get cooler, I was all into the idea of going on picnics with Nora. We went to the Dallas Arboretum with friends and had a brunch picnic before throwing Nora among all their pumpkins to try to get some obligatory “baby in a pumpkin patch” pictures.

Ryan and I bought our first car together and we are so excited about it. It’s already made things so much easier with Nora because of the bigger overall space and better storage.


I try to utilize the fact that we are 2 minutes from our little historic downtown square, so I made it a point to go there several times this fall as a family. We usually grab a bite to eat and wander the shops a bit.

When the weather was especially beautiful one day we sat in a nice grassy spot close to some fountains and enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch while letting Nora explore the grass. dsc_0452dsc_0468dsc_0469-2

And of course, I can’t forget Nora’s first Halloween! She was the cutest little unicorn I ever did see. We went to Scare on the Square, a little Halloween trick or treat festival our historic downtown puts on for the kids. We’ve been a few years with my nephew and were so happy to be able to take our own little one.  It was shockingly near 90 degrees that day so I was worried she would get too hot in her costume, but it all worked out. I kept her barefoot and just put a short sleeve onesie on under the furry unicorn vest instead of the long sleeve shirt and pants I had planned.  When in Texas, ammiright?

dsc_0233dsc_0251dsc_0332dsc_0362This was right before she passed out in my arms. dsc_0383dsc_0430-2Nora learning how to give kisses was the highlight of my Fall season. dsc_0444

My 30th birthday was right before Thanksgiving, and surprise, to celebrate, I wanted to go have a family picnic for breakfast with donuts. So we did just that. This time, the weather was cold, so we bundled up and sat in a nice sunny spot. I enjoy every minute of watching Nora learn and explore the environment around her. She is pretty easy going when we are out and about. She loves picnics because we both sit on the ground with her, where she can climb on us and crawl back and forth between Ryan and I.  Later that day Ryan and I met up with some friends at the movies to see Fantastic Beasts and went out for Burgers after.


Thanksgiving was a fun time spent eating yummy food and spending time with family at my parent’s house. dsc_0554I realized at the end of the day on Thanksgiving that we hadn’t taken a family picture. So it’s not the best light, but at least we got one!  dsc_0585


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