Baby Shower Fiesta

The last month was full of celebrations, including this baby shower I co-hosted for one of my best friends. She’s having a baby boy (by the end of the week!) and wanted a fun fiesta-themed co-ed shower, so that is what we had!  I am loving this life stage, when my friends are growing their families and becoming parents! It’s such a wonderful thing to witness.

There was a surplus of amazing “fiesta” theme ideas on Pinterest, but I wanted to be careful to not have the baby shower read as a cinco-de-mayo party, or too feminine. After all, it was a BABY shower that was fiesta themed. I had a lot of fun planning the decor, but wanted most of my budget to go into the gifts for baby boy, so I reeled it in as much as I felt was necessary.

Target, and their dollar spot really came through for me! They had a surplus of colorful banners, garlands, balloons, and party supplies that I was able to use and their party section had the cutest little piñatas. Some of the hostesses were able to acquire some fun mexican blankets that added lots of color to the mix on the dessert table. I’ll share the sources for the decor at the end, but mostly, I found everything between Target, Hobby Lobby,  and Home Depot, with some DIY from materials I already had.

dsc_0068I wanted to get some decorations that could be re-used/re-purposed or in the case of the pineapple, eaten. This is similar to what I wanted when I put details together for Nora’s birthday.  I actually re-used her monthly picture display I made for her birthday to display some of their sonogram pictures, and also the parent’s baby pictures.

dsc_0080The “taco” sign was a last minute addition that I crafted with cardboard letters I already had. I added glitter and cut out the cacti from green glitter paper, then taped it all to string. Not my best work, but it was a fun little addition and I figured I could use it again for any future fiestas.

Crepe paper is such a fun and cheap way to bring in color, and I had big plans for using more in other areas of the house, but I ran out of time. I should have taken a better picture of this, but there is a recessed area in the ceiling above my parent’s kitchen table where the light hangs, and I thought it would look cool to drape streamers within that area from the wall to the light.  I wanted to bring in some interest above the table, but still leave the table cleared off to give people a space to sit and eat if they wanted. This was directly across from the food, and the table was centered in front of the window.


We wanted to keep the food menu simple while also tasting delicious, so we decided on walking tacos, fruit, veggies, and fun fiesta themed desserts.

Walking tacos are a good no-fuss food for any large gathering. I wrote a little sign of directions for anyone who had never made one. There were downloadable prints of directions available for a small fee online plus the cost of printing, but I decided to DIY instead. I purchased this chalkboard sign for cheap and used chalk markers I already had. This is when I wish I knew how to do fun lettering. (I re-used the tassel garland I made for Nora’s birthday to help decorate the food area). DSC_0039.JPGdsc_0044dsc_0043

Between my mom and myself, we pretty much had all of the serving ware we needed and she actually has fiesta ware dishes so that worked out great. One of the hostesses borrowed a nice margarita mashing which was a fun addition.


The desserts were made by two of the hostesses, and check out those adorable cupcake toppers they DIY’d! The desserts included cinnamon churro cupcakes, coconut lime cupcakes, and sopapilla cheesecakes.  They were all so delicious!  dsc_0055dsc_0062dsc_0060

It was a fun time, and most importantly, these two soon-to-be-parents, were showered with love and gifts that will help them take care of their new little bundle.



Small blue crates with succulents: Hobby Lobby

Gold “baby boy” mylar letters: Hobby Lobby

String tassel garlands, large blue balloon with tassel garland: Target dollar spot

Mini Piñata: Target

Cacti: Home Depot (I already had the other green succulents)

Chalkboard sign (without lettering): Walmart





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