Europe Trip 2015- Interlaken, Switzerland

I am determined to continue sharing about our Europe trip (2 years ago!), if for no other reason, than to have it documented for my sake as a reference of what we did and where we went. I am ashamed to say the last time I wrote about this trip was last summer, so I am continuing on from our last nights stay in Lucerne,  to share about our time in Interlaken and the surrounding areas.

This was by far one of our favorite places of the trip and we often talk about these days with such smiles on our faces. Truly a place to behold. We left on an early morning train ride from Lucerne (After an amazing breakfast buffet) and the views the whole way were unbelievable. Side note: does anyone else notice that Europeans serve the BEST breakfast buffets? Endless packets of Nutella to spread on an endless amount of croissants is just the beginning to the deliciousness they usually offer. The train was also so nice and clean (like all the Swiss trains we rode) and the windows went all the way to the ceiling so we never had our views impeded by the train. DSC_0499DSC_0504DSC_0508This blurry cow picture is appropriate to share because this was so much of what we saw as we speedily made our way to Interlaken. DSC_0516DSC_0519I don’t think I ever saw a more beautiful train station. DSC_0523We had pre-booked a paragliding trip and, once we arrived, had just enough time to make our way to the hotel and drop off our bags before getting in the van that met us at our hotel to take us paragliding. DSC_0528We had a crash course safety lesson in the van on the way up to the paragliding drop off. There was a bit of a hike from the van and all the parachutes were sitting on the hillside ready to go when we got there. (I’d highly recommend Paragliding Interlaken) Ryan’s parents agreed to go with us and we all ran off the end of that hillside with our pilots instructing us. The feeling of immediately being airborne was pretty awesome and the views were spectacular. I will say that we had contemplated skydiving. In fact, it was a bucket list item for me, but after doing research on the prices and experiences, we decided to do this instead. I have no regrets. To be honest, I probably would have thrown up if we had gone skydiving and we would not have had the extra time to see the city. DCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIADCIM100GOPROGOPR1679.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1685.Ryan’s pilot let him guide the parachute for a large part of the trip. DCIM100GOPROGOPR1692.and this was the field we all landed in. DSC_0529We had a little bit of time to walk around the city of Interlaken and took our time exploring on foot. DSC_0531Chocolate truffles from a Swiss Chocolatier were a must. Obviously.DSC_0533DSC_0534DSC_0537DSC_0538DSC_0546DSC_0552DSC_0555DSC_0556DSC_0557We made our way to our hotel, which was actually a city away in a town called Wilderswil. I was really happy with this booking because when we were here, we felt more like locals and it was so much more quiet than the bigger city of Interlaken crowded with tourists. Walking up the big hill to our hotel, we always passed by these adorable sheep with bells around their neck. One of the most charming things about the Swiss countryside was the faint sound of bells everywhere from the wandering livestock.  I remember this whimsical sound waking me up every morning while we stayed here. A much more charming alarm than the I-phone. DSC_0563DSC_0567DSC_0570DSC_0572It was a hike from the train station to our hotel, but we weren’t ever in too much of a rush, so we could take our time. DSC_0574DSC_0578DSC_0579Later that day (after a much needed nap on my part), we took the train to Lauterbrunnen to explore the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Prior to researching for this trip, I didn’t even know this place existed. It felt like a dream when we were there, but I am so happy we came across it in our research. I thought it was too far away to be able to get here the same day we went paragliding, but luckily it was a short train ride away from where we were staying.  DSC_0580Ryan and I couldn’t help but use the term “magical” or “majestic” but it really felt like another world. This valley is filled with many waterfalls pouring out of massively towering rock. DSC_0583DSC_0584DSC_0586DSC_0592DSC_0597After we arrived, we decided to take our time and walk through the valley to enjoy whatever daylight we had left.  We attempted to make it to the transportation that could take us to one of the most famous waterfalls there, but we missed the window by about 30 minutes. The time we spent wandering ended up being so much fun, so we didn’t feel like we missed out on anything.  DSC_0611DSC_0613DSC_0616DSC_0627Notice below how small Ryan and his parents looked compared to the surroundings. You definitely feel the magnitude of this place when you’re walking through the valley and we were shocked there were almost no tourists! What an amazing perk! Im not sure if it is always like this, but there were hardly any people there. Maybe it was the time of day or time of year, but that was so enjoyable to feel like we were the only ones there. DSC_0637Ryan and I often talk about how amazing it would be to live there. I imagine this is what parts of heaven look like. DSC_0642DSC_0645DSC_0651Before we set out on our hike through the valley, we had made a dinner reservation to ensure a table was available. We chose this particular restaurant because it seemed to have the best views of Staubbach Falls. Again, we assumed in a place this beautiful, if you wanted a mountain and waterfall view on an open terrace during dinner, you needed to reserve the spot.  Apparently that wasn’t necessary. We were practically the only ones on the terrace. It was perfect. DSC_0683DSC_0684DSC_0687DSC_0689We all decided we needed to try the Wienerschnitzel as it was a well known dish in this region of Europe. How can a breaded and pan fried piece of meat not be delicious?DSC_0693DSC_0695DSC_0699And of course, Strudal for dessert.DSC_0700We sat here enjoying the view and talked about the amazing day we had just experienced, excited for another wonderful day ahead.


Where we ate dinner: Hotel Restaurant Jungfrau

Where we stayed in Wilderswil: Hotel Berghoff Amaranth

Paragliding: Paragliding Interlaken

We could have easily spread all this out among several days. We talk about this being the place we would feel comfortable traveling with children because of how laid back, clean,  safe, and quiet it was.

As always, any other questions? Don’t be afraid to ask! Anyone ever travel here? I think this should be on everyones list.


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