Home Update: A New Rug!

Something that has been on my wish list for a long time is an area rug for our living room. It is the space we spend the most time in and I just felt like an area rug would add some needed warmth and texture, as well as coziness (who doesn’t love sitting on a nice rug).  Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought an area rug!

This has been a long time coming, but prior to this, several things were making me think that having a rug in our main space wasn’t such a good idea. The main reason being that we had a dog, and dogs and rugs usually don’t mix well. Our yard tends to have a lot of mud that Moose would track his paws through and he shed a whole awful lot which would make the rug a hair magnet. He also would throw up from time to time ( I know fun right?!) I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to have the rug ruined by our pet, so I just put it off. Now that Moose is gone (rest his little soul), the opportunity to purchase a rug presented itself.  We now have Nora, and I know children can destroy things even more than pets sometimes, but I’m going to take my chances.  Also, I didn’t spend so much money that I couldn’t replace it if something should happen.

Deciding what area rug to get was just plain comical to anyone watching me try to make a decision. I spent more time than I care to say looking over countless rug styles and finally narrowed it down to two separate styles. Ryan kept saying “don’t ask me anymore, just decide!” Funnily enough, the two styles I narrowed it down to, Persian and shag, were completely opposite.  I love the quality and patterns of persian rugs, and the fact that all that color and pattern can hide stains very easily. I haven’t always been a fan of shag rugs, but they’re making a big comeback nowadays. I love the softness and neutrality of shag rugs. Persian rugs are far more expensive than shag rugs, however.  I was concerned that in our small space, the persian would be too much pattern and color so in the end, the neutral shag rug won.

If I could have afforded it, this would have been my number one choice. It’s a Caitlin Wilson rug and has all my favorite colors in it.


Maybe one day…

This is the rug I ended up choosing from RugsUSA.  I love it (and Ryan likes it too). The only downside, for the time being, is the shedding. The retailer made the disclaimer that this rug can shed for up to 3 months (Man, I hope it isn’t that long), and all the reviews warned about it too, I just thought that there would be some slight shedding. I have already vacuumed up an entire sheeps worth of wool fibers and we have only had the rug for 2 days. My plan is to vacuum it a lot every day to cut down on the shedding time. We will see. So for now, I just need to keep all the extra hairs floating around our house out of Nora’s mouth and out of our food. Ironically, I got the rug because we had no more dog hair to worry about, but it’s seriously like owning a sheep dog.


Here’s the Before and After.  I purchased the 8×10 size and don’t think we could have gone much bigger without the rug spilling over into our eating area and the front door area.


We are already enjoying reading and playing on the rug. I’m so glad she finally has a nice soft spot to plop down with her toys and books in our living room. P1040039What do you think?

FYI: My experience with RugsUSA was very good. Processing time for my order was quick, it shipped within a few days for free, and the description was accurate. Also, you can’t really beat these prices!


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