Nora in Bluebonnets

This was the first year we took Nora to a field of Bluebonnets for a chance of capturing some nice pictures. Last year, something like that wasn’t even on my radar. I’m sure she was able to enjoy it way better at this age anyway, and we got some good pictures that show her little expressions and personality so well.  We have been working on trying to figure out our new mirror-less camera since my DSLR broke, so I’ve been practicing taking pictures quite a bit. I think these came out pretty cute and I would love to frame one and maybe replace a picture in the gallery wall with one of these cuties.

P1010163P1010206P1010228P1010283P1010422P1010440P1010471I tried to introduce bubbles for the first time in order to evoke a wonderful smile, otherwise, it can sometimes be hard to get her expression to look like she’s happy and not concerned.  P1010547P1010571P1010591P1010637P1010642P1010652P1010655P1010661P1010674Showing her how to smell flowers for the first time was so precious. P1010686P1010689Oh, and Ryan was there too! P1010737


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